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Law and Method

The Dutch-based journal Law and Method focuses on methodological issues of law and legal scholarship, in both research and education.

Topics discussed in the journal include: legal interpretation, legal argumentation, legislative methods, the connections between legal scholarship and legal practice, academic learning, and new multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in legal scholarship and legal education.

It welcomes contributions in either English or Dutch. Contributions can be submitted via http://www.editorialmanager.com/lawandmethod.

For more information, please contact the editorial office lawandmethod@boomdenhaag.nl.

ISSN 2352-7927

Editorial board

Gijs van Dijck, Joseph Fleuren, Bart van Klink, Arie-Jan Kwak, Maksymilian Del Mar, Marnix Snel, Sanne Taekema en Bald de Vries