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Law: Activerende Werkvormen (LAW) is een nieuw platform voor de uitwisseling van materiaal over activerende werkvormen in het academisch juridisch onderwijs.

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Open Access Policy

Law and Method is loyal to Open Access for academic work. All original articles and review papers published in this journal are free to access immediately from the date of publication. We don’t charge any fees for any reader to download articles and reviews for their own scholarly use.

Law and Method also operates under the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC. This allows users to copy, distribute and transmit an article, adapt the article as long as the author is attributed and the article is not used for commercial purposes. All authors publishing with Law and Method accept these as the terms of publication.


Law and Method

The journal Law and Method, based in the Netherlands, focuses on methodological issues of law and legal scholarship, in both research and education. Topics discussed in the journal include: legal interpretation, legal argumentation, legislative methods, the connections between legal scholarship and legal practice, academic learning, didactic concepts and methods of teaching and learning, and new multi- and interdisciplinary approaches in legal scholarship and legal education.
It welcomes contributions in either English or Dutch.

Contributions can be submitted via http://www.editorialmanager.com/lawandmethod.

You can send an email with questions for the editorial board to Mrs. N. Dekker; email: lawandmethod@boomdenhaag.nl

ISSN 2352-7927